Feb. 28th, 2017

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But here I am, anyway.

I'm doing this post in the hopes of getting some financial help.

We got Matthew's MRI done, and it was labeled as 'abnormal', so we were sent to a foot/ankle specialist.

Matthew's fractured his ankle joint (where the leg bone and foot bone connect - this is apparently not something that happens often). He's going to be in a cast for at least six weeks, and possibly longer.( (We're really hoping to avoid surgery, which is what comes if the cast doesn't do the trick.) He had to quit his job because of the pain, even before he saw the doctor.

Megan had to quit her job because she doesn't drive, and it would be 180 miles a day for me or Matthew to drive her. On a car that's 15 yrs old, with more than 111K miles on it. (This would be the car we bought after our car was totaled back in November. This would be the car we now have a car payment for.)

Matthew will start to get his full SSI check again in April. He's only getting $45 for March because of money earned in January and February. Megan is applying to jobs here in town, so hopefully something turns up for her, soon.

If there's any way you could help us out, it would be greatly appreciated. If you can't, I understand totally. My paypal addy is kgasper@comcast.net. Even a few dollars would help, at this point.

Feel free to signal-boost/share this. Thanks :)


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