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Jules, [ profile] stir_of_echoes, has asked if I could share her Paypal addy as well in case you'd like to give that way rather than go through Gofundme. I told her I'd be happy to so here it is:

Plus, don't forget, the address for the Gofundme she's running to raise money for her brother's funeral is here:

Also, Mandy, [ profile] a_phoenixdragon, is still desperately fighting to keep her family from being evicted from their home in just a few short days. If you can help in any way, her PayPal address again is:

She's also still running her Gofundme campaign although it's morphed from a moving fund to a fund for trying our best to raise the $1700 they need to be able to keep their home. You can find it here:

Please, give if you can, every little bit helps. But, most importantly, share this, and my previous posts about the help they both need, everywhere you can. Except for Jules, she has asked that we not share her need on either Facebook or Twitter. All the other fannish outlets are okay.

They are both such good people with such amazing hearts. I so hope that we can pull together as a community to help Jules give this final love and care to her brother. Plus, in addition to Mandy and her hubby, there are her two small sons counting on us tonight. How do you explain to little guys that the only home they've ever known is just gone?

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