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Hey, y'all.

I'm coming to you to ask for help. As most of you know, Matthew fractured his ankle joint back in February, and had to quit his job because of the injury. He's been in a cast since mid-February. He's in a "walking boot" now, but his doctor says he still can't do more than 50% of his weight on it (and he's not supposed to do that until next week). Megan had to quit at the same time because without Matthew going, she had no way to get to work and making the 92 mile round trip multiple times a day would have been too hard on our car.

Megan's been looking for a job here in town. She's interviewed for a couple jobs, but without success so far.

Our car payment is due by 4p, tomorrow (Friday, 4/7). Matthew went up to Car-Mart to ask for an extension, and that's what they gave him (it was due on the 4th, so they gave us a whopping three days). If we don't have the money by tomorrow at 4p, we have to turn the car into them or they'll come and respossess it.

Without a car, there's no chance that either Matthew or Megan could get a job. We live in a town with no public transportation options.

Both kids also had their phones turned off at midnight. They have a pay-by-the-month plan; when we have the money, they'll be turned on again. Internet is also past due. Our food stamps won't be available until the 13th of the month, and there's very little left in the cupboards. We're in pretty poor shape.

We need $325 for the car; $100 for the phones; $90 for the internet. The car is the most important thing, though. If nothing else, we need the car payment money.

If anyone is able and willing to help us out, we would be so very grateful. I'm not going through GoFundMe simply because there's a lag in getting the funds and I'm working on a very short deadline here. If you can and want to help us, my paypal address is kgasper@comcast.net. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Kim, Matthew, and Megan

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