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Name:Holiday Wishlist -Where dreams & wishes live!
Location:Louisville, Kentucky, United States of America
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Community description:Wishes Granted, Dreams Shared
wish_list is a year round, active site, it's not just for the holidays any more. Is there someone in your life that needs help? Does someone you know need food, clothes, help with paying for their rent or meds? Is there someone you know who is lonely, or sick? If there are things you could use, or would make you smile, post about it. What you need may just be sitting around someone elses house gathering dust. Don't be afraid to ask for help, we've all been there. wish_list is your space, use it! Make it a powerful tool that we can wield for one another.

Don't forget, we've got a sister site, too. It's called dusty_corners. Are there lots of things you need to shed but they're too nice to throw away? Do you make beautiful jewelry, or amazing crafted things, that you'd like to sell? Are your clothes, zines, comics, books, toys or other fannish things taking over every corner of your home? Do you need to raise money to help you make ends meet? Are there items you'd like to trade, things you'd like to give away? Are there auctions for charity you'd like to run? That's all welcome too. If so, then post them at dusty_corners. Send them back out into the world where someone else can love and cherish them.

Everyone needs someone to lean on from time to time. We can be that safe haven for each other. Spread the word out to other groups, or on your journals, send people here if they need help. Pass the word around, post your lists. Don't forget, the Comm is open for any one to post to. You're never required to join, though, if you choose to, we'd always love to have you.

Remember, virtual hugs are free but I know first-hand that they always help. :)

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