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Hey guys, this post is an attempt to help our friend, [ profile] a_phoenixdragon, keep from losing their home. They've gotten their eviction notice, 1/26/17, which means she, her husband and their two little boys, will be homeless as of that date if we can't get emergency help for them. Locally we've been calling every church we can find that might be able to help plus, she's gotten in touch with their local social services agency. They might be able to help with $400 toward the $1700 they need but it wouldn't come until next month which would be way too late to help.

In Louisville, the church groups that can provide emergency rent help are divided by districts. The church ministry for their zip code, Ministries United of South Central Louisville, is unreachable by phone. We've both been calling them for several days to try and make an appointment for Mandy to talk to them and all we get is a busy signal. I even called a nearby church in case they might have another number we could try and was told that they are notorious for being impossible to reach by phone. I asked if she could just go there in person then to make an appointment and they said, no, the only way they will help you is if you call first.

So, basically, they've made it pretty much impossible to get any help from them. The lady I spoke with from the other church was really nice. She said they were really frustrated and had made several complaints about it in the past.

Right now Mandy is waiting to hear back from their rental office to see if they would be willing to at least take one half of their back rent with their doing their best to pay the remainder before the end of the month. We've also left a voice message at St. Rita's, a church that a volunteer at St. Vincent's said might be able to help.

We're pretty much at the end of any good options right now, that's why I'm making this post. If you could help at all, her paypal address is She's also got a GoFundme page set up at if you'd rather give through there.

If you wouldn't mind, please share this post. They are good, kind people that are just in an impossible, scary situation right now. An unexpected job loss, with a car repair on top, is what caused it. Mandy has been able to get another temp job but it won't be enough, in enough time, to help them. That's why I'm hoping that we can help.
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