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I hate hate HATE having to do this because it always makes me feel like a failure as an adult, but I need help with money. :( Good news: My job is finally converting me from temp agency employee to their employee. :) Bad news: This will leave me with a week where I have no money. The temp agency paid me every week. My new company will pay me every two weeks. I'm currently living in an extended stay hotel where I have to pay $210 every Sunday to maintain my rent. They won't wait for it. My parents and grandparents have all passed away, and I don't have a good relationship with my sister or brother; there's just no family left that I can count on to help me financially when I need it. Student loans are taking my tax refund.

I can scrounge together the money I need for food and transportation that week if I need to - the $210 is what I really need help with. If you can help, I would be so grateful! I'd be more comfortable with $300, but I'd be relieved if I just had the rent. If you want to help with any amount, my PayPal address is sailorhathor@aol.com. If you need another way to send it, let me know and I'll see what I can do? I thought about creating a GoFundMe account? I don't know what people are comfortable with.

I'm glad that my job is finally converting me, but their timing sucks. Tomorrow, I'm having a CT scan to find out if strange neurological symptoms I've been having mean there's something serious going on with my brain. I wish I could just have a big freakout over that, but instead, I have to try to get together the money to live in a couple weeks. Please help!
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